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Meet Some of Our Curators


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Brian moved to Spain in 2015 to take a "gap year" that never ended. Having always lived in major metropolises like San Francisco, NYC, Mexico City, and Madrid, he's currently trying out a slower pace of life on the Spanish island of Menorca.


A mistaken enrollment in a Mandarin class during his first semester in college led Carl on a trajectory that altered the course of his life. It was a serendipitous error, because through that course he discovered his passion for cultures and language, eventually studying abroad in Beijing. That was just the first step in a life that's focused on exploration, adventure, and travel.


Christian is based in Austin, Texas. Coming from the biomedical engineering field, he brings a keen eye for detail and innovation to trip planning. Besides scouting out destinations for himself and his clients, he's often researching what cuisine to enjoy next – Cantonese, Caribbean, and American BBQ are a few of his favorites.


Dean spent his 20s living in Dubai. He's currently based in London but is always considering where his next home country might be. When he's not designing incredible trips, Dean can usually be found at a music festival, drinking tea like a true Brit, or playing video games. He also loves bread and can scout out a bakery wherever he is in the world.


Federico’s passion for travel is much more than just professional travel planning. He’s also a digital nomad, moving around while working so he can vet out the best properties and experiences himself, having lived in Chicago, Girona, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Southern Italy, among others. But one of his most rewarding pursuits is teaching sustainable tourism to future generations of professionals at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires.


Ioanna has a natural sense of curiosity and has always loved meeting people from different countries and delving into travel magazines. When she was younger, she admits all she could think about was travel. If she wasn't sleeping or studying, she was planning her dream travel itineraries – so it makes a lot of sense that she’s ended up as an exclusive Origin travel curator!


Originally from the Northwest of England, Rick has found his way to New York via the Czech Republic, Spain, and a myriad of other destinations. Rick dreams of owning a Hacienda in Mexico, but Asia has always been his main passion. In the last decade, highlights have included meals with Geisha in Japan and being adopted by the Asaro Mudmen in Papua New Guinea.


Sarah grew up in Morocco and has spent most of her adult life living abroad in Argentina, South India, and now Spain on the peaceful island of Mallorca. As an avid explorer and writer, she pairs her love for travel with photography, and a healthy obsession with offbeat coffee shops and old bookstores – both of which count as must-finds on any trip she takes.


Whether it be scaling volcanoes in Guatemala, sailing the Egyptian Nile by felucca, or delving into the depths of the Cambodian jungle, Sophie-Anne has harbored an obsession with exploration for as long as she can remember. She loves to be on the move when she travels and incorporates a range of adrenaline-pumping experiences to combine her passion for outdoor activity with a love of places and people.


Virginia has always had a passion for travel, whether just a quick weekend getaway, a month-long trip, or even completely relocating to places she wants to visit. Born and raised in Argentina, she's also lived in Brazil, Portugal, and now Spain, but she's always on the lookout for her next adventure. Her perfect trip would be packing the many generations of her family into a remote villa somewhere in the wilderness, where she can enjoy day hikes and delicious home-cooked meals.

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